About Us

Hi there! My name is Monon Rahman, and I'm the creator of Mon Stop Shop. Here's a little bit more about Mon Stop Shop and how we started.

What is Mon Stop Shop?

Your new favorite place to shop (hopefully)! At Mon Stop Shop, we specialize in seasonal clothing as well as unique accessories and apparel. There are a lot of choices in the world of fashion, but we make sure to host very selective yet affordable looks, just for you.

We're always looking for new trends and styles too: we hope to keep adding new collections as we keep growing. While our main goal right now is to survive and make a name for our brand, we're always thinking about what we can do big picture in the long term. Giving back to the world is important, and if we can pull this off, we're going to make sure to give back to causes we care about.

Why Did You Make This Site?

Funny enough, my background isn't related to online shopping, retail, or shopping at all: I recently graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, and I'm actually trying to make a career in motorsports. I've also done some multimedia-related work on the side.

 The main reason I made Mon Stop Shop is because I wanted a new challenge: I've always wanted to make some form of online store, and it's been great to create a new brand completely from the ground up. I couldn't have done it by myself though; I wanted to make sure we had completely custom content, and as a result, I got to work with some close friends to source content and put it all together. It's been satisfying to have supportive connections help make this dream a reality.

 I ended up focusing mainly on seasonal clothing because there are always so many clothing options out there, and it makes it really hard to choose what to wear! By singling out what we think is cool, I'm hoping that Mon Stop Shop can help you find some new looks for your wardrobe too.

Thanks for checking out our site and story. Mon Stop Shop is going to be dedicated to finding you awesome accessories and apparel. Who knows - we might expand into different products in the future too!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at info@monstopshop.com.